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What Palm Wine Tastes Like

On my recent visit to Ghana for the Christmas Holidays, I went to see Accra’s Botanical Gardens, which is a beautiful place to visit.

I decided that there can't be anything that I'd regret not doing, so if things popped up along the way, I'd think whether or not I should, then go ahead and do it.

On the way up to the Botanical Gardens, there was a stall selling Palm Wine. Really cheap - 2cedis(40p/49 US Cents) for a used water bottle-full. So I asked the driver what it was like.

“Hey, Ernest. What is palm wine?”
“It's a local drink.” He said. Well, cheers for narrowing that one down, mate!
“Is it alcoholic?”

Ernest the driver. Good guy, he insisted on being our guide around the botanical gardens and took it very seriously.

We'd already passed the stall and had continuously been moving during that short conversation, so I resolved to stop on the way back from the Botanical Gardens.

Towards the end of the tour around the Gardens, on the main road going through them, a young (like 9 years old) girl was stood at a makeshift wooden table with a few water bottles full of murky-looking liquid.

My girlfriend shouted me over.
“This is Palm wine! Are you going to try it or just buy it?”

The little girl poured a bit into a wooden bowl for me to try, and the flying ants that love the smell off the coconut palm fruit hassled me, flying into my face while I tried to try it, so I decided to just buy the bottle and try it at home.

Me, looking pretty happy with my find.

In the fridge it went, for a couple of days.

When I took it out, the bottle was rock solid. There's a reason that home brewers store their booze in glass rather than plastic, and it's to avoid a kitchen covered in booze! The Palm wine had carried on fermenting in the fridge, and was now extremely fizzy, like champagne. The pressure from the yeast converting the natural sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide had built up.

It was time to give it a go. I slowly opened the bottle, letting out the gas. It smelled like a full rubbish bin. Soldiering on, I poured myself some. When it came to tasting it however, it wasn't so bad. The best way that I can describe how it tasted - coconut water.with a strong alcoholic kick!

0/10 would not drink again personally.
10/10 would recommend to anyone else trying it,,. You might like it!

Also, yes, I did feel drunk off just a tiny bit, so it definitely works!

Have you tried Palm Wine? What did you think? Tweet me and let me know what you thought!


  1. I love the beautfiul palms on your pictures! I have never tried that before, but maybe in my next trip! xxx

  2. Haha sounds like a local liquor we have here in Chicago that we encourage all tourists to try but it's so lethal no one really likes the taste. When in Rome though... beautiful photos of the palm trees btw! :)

    1. Thanks! I'll have to visit Chicago and try that liquor!


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