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Monday, 16 January 2017

What retro vehicles are still on the road in Africa?

It turns out all of those old cars that were (probably) traded in for a newer model don’t all go to the scrapyard to die, they go to Africa to work as taxis and help some guy make a living!

Nissan Micra taxis might be the most popular type of taxi:
Not sure what that is. Looks like it's old and from the 80’s
Check the naughty rims on that Almera out!
I enjoyed the religious vinyls on the back of the vans. This was a common sight:
Here’s someone who’s a huge USA fan, but also needs to see out of his rear window:
This guy can’t decide if he’s a Jew or a Rasta.
The way these water delivery lads chucked the water about - I’ve looked more laboured catching a rugby ball!
Just chillin’ on the back of the ice lorry:

This looked like a cute little lorry. So I took a picture of it. The guy in it clocked me, and i had to avoid eye contact for a while.

Had to slow the car down for these little beasts:
This guy was selling whatever is on his head to the traffic. This guy out of everyone I saw impressed me the most.

Then, there's the casual three 11-year-olds driving a motorbike pickup truck:
If you use my pictures for whatever reason, send credit back over to me - point people to my Twitter @MJTucker. I'd be interested to see what sort of context you manage to put them in!