What retro vehicles are still on the road in Africa?

It turns out all of those old cars that were (probably) traded in for a newer model don’t all go to the scrapyard to die, they go to Africa to work as taxis and help some guy make a living!

Nissan Micra taxis might be the most popular type of taxi:
Not sure what that is. Looks like it's old and from the 80’s
Check the naughty rims on that Almera out!
I enjoyed the religious vinyls on the back of the vans. This was a common sight:
Here’s someone who’s a huge USA fan, but also needs to see out of his rear window:
This guy can’t decide if he’s a Jew or a Rasta.
The way these water delivery lads chucked the water about - I’ve looked more laboured catching a rugby ball!
Just chillin’ on the back of the ice lorry:

This looked like a cute little lorry. So I took a picture of it. The guy in it clocked me, and i had to avoid eye contact for a while.

Had to slow the car down for these little beasts:
This guy was selling whatever is on his head to the traffic. This guy out of everyone I saw impressed me the most.

Then, there's the casual three 11-year-olds driving a motorbike pickup truck:
If you use my pictures for whatever reason, send credit back over to me - point people to my Twitter @MJTucker. I'd be interested to see what sort of context you manage to put them in!


  1. Yes nice !
    I have the same in India these days :)
    I'll try to take the same shot to compare !
    Great article :^)

    1. Sounds good Sylvain, will you post a link to them in these comments?Looking forward to seeing the shots! :)

  2. Hahahaha! a very creative country!

  3. Hello I will be traveling there for school studying geology. Any advice on Anything? Rogan board sent me! Thanks and cool pics!

    1. Powerful RB!
      YES, plenty of advice.
      It's known as "Africa for beginners" ie safe as houses, but that's in central Accra.
      Avoid police outside of Accra, they will want money.
      Make sure you visit Uso, a district of Accra that has a ton of really fun bars. Drinks prices are generally better there than the swankier hotels too. Try and get to Labadi Beach on a Sunday, all the locals are partying and it's a really cool scene there. You can get a sunbed out of the way for 20usd and you can spend the day there, which is probably worth doing. Stay out of the sea though.
      Also, there are a few cool rooftop bars, known locally as the yellow roof and the red roof. Make sure to check them out on a night for awesome views!

  4. Thanks for the reply and I appreciate the advice!


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