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Man Robs a Corner Shop for a Pack of Fags (allegedly)

I heard about this story the other day and thought It was worth looking digging a little deeper.

Original story:

For anyone from outside the UK, this is what a washing-up liquid bottle looks like:

Plastic, flimsy, very bendable. Not exactly a weapon, unlike, say, a beer bottle, or even deadlier; the legendary (well, used in some films) half a smashed wine bottle.

The main question for me, especially when I read the title, was:

How on earth could a person use a washing up liquid bottle as a weapon?

I decided to list the possible practical ways you could use a fairy liquid bottle as a legitimate weapon, in rank of dangerousness.
1. He could have filled it with boiling animal fats and threatened to spray the boiling animal fats at him.

In terms of practicality, this could be extremely dangerous if the right conditions were in place.

How would this be done, you ask? Well, there’s one option.

To get to this po…

How to be a good gym sauna-going citizen

As a regular mixed-gym sauna-goer, I often get asked questions by my friends and family about going to the sauna. The questions are usually around etiquette. So I'll talk you through the classic dos and don'ts that Sauna newbies need to really wrap their head around.

1. Pour half of your water from your bottle onto the coal as soon as you get in. The room will get absolutely boiling. But, you must understand, that's how it was before you opened the door. You were the one that let the heat out when you walked in. So, you have to make the room hotter to make up for that.
Everyone in the sauna will appreciate you, and you might make some friends.
Before you do that though, make sure your water bottle lid is fastened on tight. You don't want the whole wet area stinking like melted plastic!

2. Tell everyone what sins from the weekend you're currently sweating out. Seriously, why did they invent the sauna other than for sweating out sins and telling everyone else in there ex…

How do you make a German-style Chicken kebab?

I went on a stag do recently to Munich, and the kebab shop next to the Hofbrauhaus came massively recommended to my by a lad I work with.

After a very heavy couple of nights, myself and the stag, Phill, needed some proper food in us, so we went to this Kebab shop.
It turned out to be a great move. Imagine being hungover, then tucking into this.

For some reason, maybe it was the hunger, I watched the man make the kebab, and this never happens, but in true 'monkey see monkey do' fashion, the way he made a kebab was seared photgraphically into my memory.
So, here's how it's done:

Chicken, shredded into 0.5cm^2 x 3cm strips Chicken tikka paste Wraps Lettuce, finely shredded Red cabbage, finely shredded Cheese, grated Tomatoes, sliced.
1. Make sure all of the ingredients are prepared as described in the ingredients section. 2. Put your chicken in a bowl and mix it up with a teaspoon or two of the tikka paste 3. Fry the chicken off in a pan until it's co…

How The "Illuminati" Tried to Recruit Me

One of my work friends, Craig, has a sideline job selling cars online and over the phone.

As you do when following people that you hope will follow you back, like your photos and buy from you, one of the people he followed inboxed Craig to see if he wanted to join the illuminati. Craig found it funny and decided to post it in the work lad's group chat. 
But I thought to myself - what if he was for real? What if I could also be part of the Illuminati, just like Jay Z? So, I sought out the username from Craig's screenshot. Here's a picture of his profile. He seems like he does pretty well, dressed in a suit, meeting people in offices, going to weird looking ceremonies. This is real, I thought to myself. I'm going to become rich and famous overnight just by being online buddies with this guy! Feeling like that one-button-tap was my ticket, I tapped it. And now I was following Zackmarkd! Almost instantly, as if he had his phone in his hand when I clicked that follow button, he go…

What retro vehicles are still on the road in Africa?

It turns out all of those old cars that were (probably) traded in for a newer model don’t all go to the scrapyard to die, they go to Africa to work as taxis and help some guy make a living!
Nissan Micra taxis might be the most popular type of taxi: Not sure what that is. Looks like it's old and from the 80’s Check the naughty rims on that Almera out! I enjoyed the religious vinyls on the back of the vans. This was a common sight: Here’s someone who’s a huge USA fan, but also needs to see out of his rear window: This guy can’t decide if he’s a Jew or a Rasta. The way these water delivery lads chucked the water about - I’ve looked more laboured catching a rugby ball! Just chillin’ on the back of the ice lorry:
This looked like a cute little lorry. So I took a picture of it. The guy in it clocked me, and i had to avoid eye contact for a while.

What does Palm Wine Taste Like?

On my recent visit to Ghana for the Christmas Holidays, I went to see Accra’s Botanical Gardens, which is a beautiful place to visit.

I decided that there can't be anything that I'd regret not doing, so if things popped up along the way, I'd think whether or not I should, then go ahead and do it.

On the way up to the Botanical Gardens, there was a stall selling Palm Wine. Really cheap - 2cedis(40p/49 US Cents) for a used water bottle-full. So I asked the driver what it was like.

“Hey, Ernest. What is palm wine?” “It's a local drink.” He said. Well, cheers for narrowing that one down, mate! “Is it alcoholic?” He laughed. Which led me to surmise that it's probably lethal gear.

Since getting back and doing a bit of research, here's Wikipedia's explanation behind palm wine - basically fermented tree sap. in the botanical gardens, in this case, it's derived from the coconut palm, which really does explains the taste!

We'd already passed the stall and had continu…